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you pray to Mary for misery
now breaking bro code
we were spanked southern baptist
but admire the aesthetic
and history of medieval torture
young me hoped to be a youth pastor
just to be a long haired youth pastor
I wanted to be jesus hot
or another unattainable twink
wearing birkenstocks
do you remember megachurches
how we'd wave our arms
as shipwreck survivors
hoping to catch the jumbotron's
invisible eye
do you remember Grayson
tonguing my cheek
all that talk of why hell would feel
so much warmer/intimate
it's not fair
it's not fair
two days after beginning this poem
you met a wayward priest
he's obviously gay
he's definitely done some shit too
and your art has gotten better

You Grow To Be Weightless

another wet dream
with Brad

the adolescent urge
to exist inside a dream

every adolescent is
what they cleave from guessing

i am my mother my
father and inumerable
hot pockets

i am time spent masterbating

as if time doesn't fly
it shoots


have you noticed
sunsets outside supermarkets
burn cherry violet

how people never push their carts
into the corral cage

most are scattered lazy ass
across this parking lot
like deer skeletons
rattling wheels loose

and did you see
our bag boy's empty eyes cinched
with post-marijuana

he's training a one-handed
vietnam vet
to put raw meat and produce
in the same bag

have you noticed jesus returning

even at walmart
everything is dead
so we drive home and forget

Coleman Bomar is a poet from Middle Tennessee. You can read his stuff at Hobart After Dark, X-R-A-Y, Expat, Maudlin House and Misery Tourism. He is an Intern at Forever. It is the holiest honor of his life.
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