BlaKe 2

Children of the future age,
Reading this indignant page,
Know that in a former time,
Love, sweet love, was thought a crime!

We can’t get this one out of our heads. Up all night in the Forever treehouse whispering when drop? When drop?  


Now drop! Blake 2 official video dawns on us. Forever so pleased to share. 

If you’re reading this, you’re still early. Still time for you and us and Blaketheman1000 to have a private moment together. In the future he’ll belong to everybody.

Have you met Blake? We have. We hang out. Big brown eyes make us feel like a million bucks. All of his songs got a billion hooks. The beats twirl and twang. They bop, they knock. When we listen it feels like we’re hanging out.

Blake lyrics are sweet and shivery like a candy bracelet nibbled on a wrist. Sometimes he’s boastful like a golf pro with a nice watch, also on the wrist. He’s funny and cute. You’ll see in the video!

50 Cent said: “Have a baby by me, be a millionaire.”

We say: “Swallow Blaketheman1000’s words, experience a lasting antidepressant effect.”  

Blake 2 is a favorite song. The big-budget sequel. Nice guest feature from May Rio. Blake wrote Blake 2 in his room. Now Blake 2 has a terrific visual from Fiona Kane. Lots of friends in the video. You might be in it. You watched yet? That’s just what it’s like to be around Blake. We’re watching Blaketheman1000 live yes and he’s great onstage but we’re also watching our friends in the crowd and that’s great too, that’s a crucial part of it. 

Blake says he likes to text friends audio files of his future unreleased songs so the crowd at the shows will know the words and sing along. Friendship as promo message. Brilliant. The guy is 1000 years ahead.

Fuck with my beautiful face
And my beautiful body
My beautiful mind
Or I fuck with you not!

Blake 2 lyrics. He means it. Blake takes his shirt off in the video and he takes his shirt off a lot in his live shows. Guys should really take their shirts off more and we believe in the future they will. Blake is early.

(In the big-budget sequel Terminator 2, a robot travels back in time from the future to prevent a nuclear war and protect a child in the past. Watch the video. See? No shirt.) 

Our friend Duncan said that without Lana Del Ray, there would be no Lorde. No Billie.

We say: without Blaketheman1000, there would be no Alex G, no Frank Ocean, no Drake.

(This isn’t blasphemy. This is just gassing up a friend. To fuck with the timeline. To fuck with the vision, to fuck with the vibe!)

Terminator 2 is a movie about killer robots, but it’s mostly a movie about a mother and a child who will do big things in the future.

Blaketheman1000’s mom likely hasn't heard the recorded version of Blake 2. But we know she went to Blake’s show in LA and she heard Blake 2 live, and saw his friends going crazy to it, just like you see in the video. We know she was proud of Blake, and we’re proud of Blake, who always sounds like the child of a future age.
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