4 poems 

Excerpted from F20 Grail 12, out now from Expat Press

Americana Penny Squares

god bless the country i was born in

god bless my hair dye

god bless the color of my skin

god bless me

Lazy Susan

What about me? Well, I had a perm in 1984. I’d sip espresso with an AK47 in my lap. “I love Italy” written on my t-shirt, right across my tits. Christian Violence, I’ll accept it. 

Respectfully horny trucker, that’s just John Lennon’s father. 

Paradise of Bachelors, new found bachelor anthems 

I’d get married in a pantsuit. I’d get married in a blouse. I’d have 10 kids, even if they’d made me feel bad. Bradshaw and Tonto, our sons. 
They’d be cops with benefits, just the reality of my colonizer family fantasy. 

Beach boys said be true to your school but the Beach Boys used to sleep in my room. 

My President Likes 

  • soft rigging 
  • gerrymandering 
  • minor insurrections 
  • deep state blackmail 
  • piss tapes and Russian whores 

Watch my Tractor

Stay right here and watch my tractor 

I’m gonna tie you up right after 
oh you poor little thing 
with a house 
with no room 
wearing peasants clothes 
and a wig 
and you can’t even moan 

holl up 
Ima call you right back 

As soon as the sun sets 
and the dust settles on the road 
soon as the crows stop buzzing over round my villa 
soon as Morgellons symptoms 
stop strangling my mother 
soon as the murder stops 
soon as I’m saved 
soon as my brain clots 
soon as these foolish little fools learn to behave 

my tractor’s gonna have to start 
and I’ll be there filled with vitality 
cashin’ in on u
   on you foolish little fool 

have you even learned to mewl yet 
does the road ever end when you’re the only one you know 
the only one that ever lost their childhood home 
oh just give it some gasoline 
ill see u ill fix u 

My tractor old timey little thing 
little peasant bus, that’s my diamond ring

C.J. Christine is a new America style icon, unprecidented, yet inevitable.

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