Reframe (Work)

lol’d at something
thought, lol,
lol’d about
thinking about lol

coffee is brutalizing my throat—
gonna have another coffee

if instead of stress
worry or anxiety
I languaged it as
my frets,
maybe that would be
more manageable

splashed the coffee in my eye—
never felt better

do we have anything else inside our chamber?
it’s just that I’m not really into commerce

Temptation Island I hosts
the communal microwave and reeks
of curries frozen and sad
including mine: effortlessly resistible


Temptation Island II has
an occasional baked good to share
and eight undrinkable varieties
of K-Cup, at least two of which
I give another chance each day

meanwhile I’ve
been working
to perfect
this fun little
upward flourish
when I swipe right
to artisanally delete
your emails

Reframe (Home)

instead of teasing my wife about
her breath when she yawns
I wait a moment then angle
my head slightly away
in a moment of
marital mindfulness

no matter the size of the room
I want the bed to be big enough
that I’m always banging
my knees on its corners

it used to be a pet peeve
when she called herself
a dog mom but now that
I’m a human dad
I’m like sure
everything’s my baby

Crow Jonah Norlander lives in Maine with his family of humans and hounds.

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