Dear Jimmy

We have known each other since we were children. Our parents are friends. We have had the same life.

You're the man. You’re absolutely hilarious. You’re so sweet and caring and immensely generous and I love spending time with you. You mean so much to so many. You mean so much to me.

I've got so much love for you. I just want to clear the air between us. I can’t eat or sleep. I just can’t stand this.

I’m an alcoholic, but that’s no excuse. I’m a filthy sex addict, but that’s no excuse. I’m a fucking prick, but that’s no excuse. I’m a desperate idiot, but that’s no excuse. I also never knew my father and almost scientifically speaking, that can completely bankrupt a man.

Let that “sink in” for a moment.

I'm right handed. I am writing this with my left hand. I want to suffer through this. I want to feel the pain.

You know that Cynthia is a really strong woman with an incredible awareness of her own agency who makes her own decisions about what to do with her body. I’m sorry I had sex with Cynthia. 

And I’m sorry I can’t say sorry to your face.

I hate myself and want to die! I hope that helps!

Can you pick up the phone, please, if I call?

Because I miss shooting hoops with you.

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