los angeles

a vague sense of dread
storms out of my yoga class
what does ur therapist think of me?
a very wide pant
wider than the void, did u know
nicotine is a vitamin &
i'm being asked
to act in films left & right
now i’m going to the hospital
for exhaustion
does she think i'm a narcissist?
at cedars sinai i did ketamine
with emily ratajkowski who told me about
“my body”
& i asked her, with a feverish intensity


on the 101 N
through calabasas, kanyeland
my mom says
your dad def dresses like
a twink
i spit out my coke zero
a hot wind whips through
the subaru

bloody sheets

last time i fucked a man
i was 28 & blackout drunk
thought he was gay
having a gay old time
until he kissed me & i thought
oh well
in bed going at it
suddenly, blood everywhere
i’m so sorry so sorry sorry sorry
ran to the bathroom
jammed a tampon up
passed out
in the morning light i said so sorry
sorry about all the blood
my period
he said that wasn’t your blood
i said, oh?
he said, your ring stabbed
my dick


having fun feeling free
no job no friends
writing erotic skateboard fiction
in my ‘Sappho organic dad hat’
but FREE!
happy & gay
radical lifestyle, baby
snorting ketamine from my ‘powder vile’
i ordered on amazon
needed my ID to
SHOUT all cops are bastards
sponsored by wells fargo

A version of Los Angeles first ran in Muumuu House ‘20
Anna Dorn is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her second novel, Exalted, will be published in June 2022. She's also published the memoir, Bad Lawyer, and the novel, Vagablonde.
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