Girls Like Me

Girls with Brazilian jeans and fake nails and cheap thongs from Fallas and sticky lip gloss and hair with too much gel and eyes covered in too much eyeliner are girls like me. Girls from Florida with overly straightened hair who obnoxiously chew gum just to draw attention to their mouths and girls who hang out with boys who are too old and know more than them. Girls who love pills and weed and razor blades and rolled dollar bills. Girls who romanticize their city too much and girls who starve themselves so that boys have less to grab and have to find more to love. Girls who fall in love with the first person who calls them pretty and wish they could kiss everyone they saw on the bus. Girls who smoke too much but are scared of cancer and girls who talk about their friends behind their backs and girls who kiss and always tell. Girls who drink because the alcohol is what keeps them warm all night during winter. Girls who are virgins and talk like whores. Girls who write suicide notes like love letters. Girls who are never liked by parents and girls whose moms don’t love them anymore. These are girls like me. If girls like me have mastered anything, it’s how to make ourselves numb to all around us and lie so well that it scares people. You whisper about us, make mean comments about us, hate us all of high school, and yet all girls like me can think about is getting out of this stupid, hot city.

Alexa Joyce is an artist from Miami, FL who is currently pursuing her BFA in Acting at AMDA College and Conservatory in Hollywood, CA. You can read more of her writing at The Dillydoun Review or Thought Catalog. ︎
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