Air Conditioning

The Taliban took back Afghanistan today, scrambled cheesy eggs and keto toast.

Blu needs a new air conditioner or else her cute doggie will die in LA.

At Home Depot, I dragged a big box from self-checkout while she stared at cacti.

In the car, I permanently log out of my popular meme account. In Massachusetts,

witches in wicker chairs are humming, I guess chanting, hexes on bad terrorists.

I saw it on my timeline, next to the post about how The Taliban took back Afghanistan today,

on my unpopular meme account. Blu talks about the twin towers, then her mom, then her dad, then televisions, then we, together, talk about televisions, Taliban, tweets. The rent is due

tomorrow. Parking on the curb. Blu’s apartment is up 25 steps. Large cardboard box. Dogs dying

in the dry summer, in August. I went back home after manual labor. Scanned /pol/

for funny discourse. All my friends on Discord laughing. Joe Biden sucks.  Monkey with a gun

in a rebel encampment, AK barrel spinning, people dodging bullets, laugh react the gif.

There’s no Taliban here. Nothing too big on the mind. God is above and Jesus is Lord.

My AC sucks. My cat sheds. My job bores. FedEx driver dropping off new kicks. Sweaty,

like a dog. The Taliban took back Afghanistan today, tender pork loins and crispy sprouts.

Democracy on the Decline featured wiki article—me too. Prices of land in Taliban Afghanistan.

Just kidding. Too hot. Wish all the witches, the ones on the TL, would pray instead. Pray

for Thanksgiving this year, also Christmas. Pray for the War on Christmas. Pray for time.

Missouri, 2001, chicken nuggets and juice cup on my mind. All I remember, something weird:

fresh machine air into our window ground floor apartment unit, mom frowning.

Jiv Johnson is an accountant from Kentucky. He is currently based in Los Angeles. He has a mother, a father, and a brother.

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