Three Thousand Poems


My psychiatrist said there’s a killer inside me.

An Entire Rotisserie Chicken.

Some Things I Heard Today

My mom just told me that they found a lump in her breast. She had a doctor’s appointment today in the city. But she says that it’s very common. And that it could be nothing. And that it’s probably nothing.

There’s so much dog shit at the Kennedy Compound because they don't clean up after their dogs.

I actually really like early Marilyn Manson.

You really want to hear about my acne?

Ain’t no beef in my mama’s kitchen!

He’s a Jewish woman.

I’m leaving jou.



After my aunt died
Her body
Wasn’t found
For about a whole month.

She had collapsed
In her garden.

The garden
She had loved
So much.

She had lived
A rather secluded life.

Her @#$%&
Had been
Practically destroyed
By maggots.

The maggots
From the garden
That she loved
So much.


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