impersonate Jack Nicholson and it will begin to make sense

if you’re gonna hunt me down with daisies
you shouldn’t leave me waiting

my notifications are off
to hype the suspense and increase
the potential of surprise

good humor’s long lost jubilee

can you rush that deposit, maybe?

I keep logging in & out
refreshing or switching


where are my daisies?

a coin toss has never incentivized
the retention of my services

where are my daisies?

my brain is raw with want;
symptoms presenting in other places

no one wants—

do I have to go to the confidence gym,
bribe the boxer for his shylock’s contact

all this to replace the daisies?

show me you love me, mister president;
it’s my birthday, too

Barracuda Guarisco is the Editor-in-Chief of Really Serious Literature. He is the author of several books including Uncomfortable Music (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press)

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