Anya's Bday

when all the drugs you ingested are at the peak of their powers a flum vape becomes your timepiece and inception starts making sense and that girl you thought was a tweaker is actually the girl that’s going to save your life but many people are going to save your life tonight and she is the first but actually she is the second because ani just saved your life on the bathroom floor she’s been studying reiki at her massage school and you’re reaping the benefits it’s like when you first met and took that ecstasy that was actually meth no one could’ve known but once your teeth started chattering you knew and ran her back that five even though she was totally fine and went to the star wars convention the next day but the next day was really the same day because it was past 12 am and this is becoming a monologue we both need to get off of the bathroom floor and join the party because it’s not about us it’s anya’s birthday and gbenga is cutting this set up right now i think they were put on this earth to dj it’s like that song last night the dj saved my life anyway i don’t think the k nasal spray induced the first ego death it was the shrooms from the shaman that looks like a bum but that’s because the product speaks for itself and so you took the shrooms then suddenly you were activated and in the stay high music video thank you for the representation tove lo it’s like every single time this happens you think this has to be a nightmare where’s harmony korine ugh i have to kill myself but this set is so good right now i have to dance i’ll never be this young again wait maybe i should go outside this guy is doing this trick where he inhales a shit ton of nos then blows on a cigarette and it’s exactly like when patricia arquette blew james gandolfini’s face off in true romance maybe this is a metaphor no this isn’t the fault in our stars this is anya's birthday party and the magician was the fourth person to save your life tonight or the third i’m honestly losing count and i need to find my flum timepiece or eat something but if i ingest any of the gluten free hors d’oeuvres i’ll projectile vomit and that’ll kill the vibe forsure i’ll just go sit in anya's room with the girls and cackle i can’t remember why we are cackling but what is life if we can’t laugh..?

Jasmine Johnson is an American dilettante based in Los Angeles.

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